Tax Services

Tax Planning and Advisory: Efficient structuring within legal bounds

Paying taxes as efficiently as possible requires the kind of in-depth knowledge of tax regulations that experienced taxation specialists have. 

In compliance with the 2013 International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) CPA Code of Ethics, such specialists would be able to advise both businesses and individual taxpayers on structuring their affairs in a tax-efficient manner. They would also be able to advise business owners on the application of new tax laws or regulations.

Tax Planning and Advisory encompass a broad range of services which include:

Analyzing a business’ finances from a taxation viewpoint
Formulating tax payment strategies with room for retirement savings
Representing clients before tax authorities to resolve taxation issues

Our Tax Planning and Advisory team comprise financial professionals and advisors as well as CPAs who are up to date with the latest tax regulations issued by the BIR. Their experience with businesses and professionals in various industries allows them to advise clients according to their specific circumstances which will vary in terms of income and expenditures.
Minimizing the amount of taxes to be paid as far as the law permits are our team’s primary goal, particularly when it comes to business, estate, and retirement planning, as well as investment management.

Long-term flexibility.

In assisting clients with their tax planning, our team makes sure that it has a thorough understanding of their finances, and that it’s aligned with their overall financial objectives. It also makes sure that clients are apprised of their true financial position vis-à-vis their tax obligations. 

Planning is done for the long-term, with strategies constantly being reviewed and adjusted as needed, particularly as tax regulations are continually being updated. Special consideration must be made for businesses with overseas operations or individuals residing or conducting business abroad.

Life-changing advice.

Also known as tax consulting, our tax advisory services often involve major events in the life of a business or individual, when clients may end up paying more than they have to without the benefit of a tax advisor’s insight. Examples of such events include:

  • Starting a business
  • Merger or acquisition
  • Overseas expansion
  • Marriage or the birth of a child
  • Buying a home
  • Retirement

Because of the far-reaching effects of tax advisory, businesses need to find advisors with the right credentials, sufficient and relevant industry experience, as well as experience in engaging in direct dialogue with the BIR.