Accounting Services

Corporate Finance: For optimal business value

If the business value is defined as how much an entire business is worth, Corporate Finance focuses on achieving the highest possible business value for a corporation. To this end, our team provides services such as:

  • Assisting in developing corporate strategies
  • Identifying possible targets for the client to acquire
  • Advising on disposal transactions
  • Assisting in finance raising transactions

We also work with the business’ Corporate Finance department to find funding for major initiatives, make sound investment choices, facilitate investment banking, and design its capital structure.  

Specific examples of ways in which we assist corporations include choosing between taking out a loan from a bank or selling shares as a means of funding an expansion project; making capital budgeting decisions, and choosing between capital investment options. 

We also help with determining the dividend amount due to shareholders to maximize shareholder value. Our team also facilitates the kind of provisional decision-making that influences business operations, making sure that the corporation remains liquid enough to ensure uninterrupted operations.

A broader perspective. 

Instead of concentrating on a specific aspect of the business, accounting for Corporate Finance uses tools in assessing the business’ overall ability to continue operations and to remain competitive in its vertical. As such, our team may also perform functions including:

  • Risk analysis and management
  • Valuation
  • Raising capital
  • Making financial forecasts 

In helping key decision-makers choose a course of action to take in maximizing business value, accounting provides them with methods for calculating the impact of their management activities on corporate profit. These methods include standards in the form of budgets which may be prepared with assistance from accounting.
Because of this general, rather than localized perspective, accounting for Corporate Finance provides the data used by department or project heads in designing specific business processes. This is enabled by Corporate Finance accounting’s focus on data alone, excluding other decision-making factors such as market developments and corporate culture.

Key accounting activities.

Strengthening a corporation’s financial position through capital investments is one of the essential tasks with which our team can help a business. In so doing, we help to determine the business’ capital expenditure, identify projects to allocate resources to and calculate the expected revenue from potential capital projects.
We can also help to source capital either through bank loans, selling shares, or issuing debt securities, all while making sure that shareholder value isn’t compromised. Our team likewise helps to ensure liquidity by offering commercial papers or unsecured loans or obtaining extra credit for the short term.